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USB Microphones

USB Microphones for PC or Mac

What's the easiest way to get sound into my computer?

During the last year we've all been spending more time using video conferencing software and sometimes it can be quite hard to hear everybody equally. If you try searching for a microphone for your computer you may find it quite confusing. This is because not every PC or Mac has the same audio connection, so there's no guarantee that a standard 3.5mm jack microphone will work with your soundcard. 
This is where USB microphones stand out; they're compatible with any computer with a USB-A port so you can simply plug one in and get up and running straight away. 
Here are the questions you should ask yourself before buying your USB mic:
  • Which type of microphone will suit my requirements best?
  • Do I need it to be wireless or wired?
  • Could I connect my existing microphone system via a USB Mixer instead?
If you're looking for a USB microphone then look no further...

Our range of different USB microphone solutions

Whether it's for Zoom calls from your office, professional studio use, or you want to be the next YouTube streaming sensation, there's no getting away from the fact that you need perfect audio. USB microphones can help you achieve this by creating a digital audio stream straight into your application, which you can then modify to your heart's content. 
USB microphones are ideal for vloggers and podcasters as well as for video conferencing. From headsets to boundary mics, lavalier to multimode freestanding mics, USB microphones offer a wide variety of solutions depending on your application. For more assistance please feel free to contact our sales team who will be happy to help. 
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