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Wireless Microphone Headsets

Our Headset Microphones for Wireless Systems

What is a Headset Microphone?

Headset Microphones are designed to ensure high levels of intelligibility as the distance between your mouth and the microphone head is consistantly maintained. So this means that no matter how energetic your fitness class is or how animated your presentation gets, you're going to be able to ensure that you have clear speech.
They are also very useful for live music performance or public speaking. Some of the headset microphones we supply already come as part of a system with a transmitter and a receiver, so don't hesitate to browse our different product pages to compare their features and find the ideal headset for your requirements. 
Here are the questions you should ask yourself before buying your headset mic:
  • If intended for wireless use, does it come with a transmitter and receiver?
  • If it is going to be used with an existing system, what is the connection type, and will it be compatible?
  • If it is for aerobic/fitness instruction, is the headset designed for this purpose? Does it feature water/sweat resistance?
If you're looking for a headset microphone then look no further...

A range of headset microphones to suit every budget

We offer a wide selection of headset microphones from top brands such as Toa, IMG, Trantec, QTX, Shure and Chord.
Headset microphones are ideal for fitness instructors and presenters, or anybody else who needs to be able to use a microphone hands free. Whilst they are more conspicuous than a lapel microphone, headsets are great for improving sound quality in highly reverberant spaces such as houses of worship. 
We can provide suggestions and advice on a wide range of headsets and their requirements, so if you do have any questions please contact our sales team who will be happy to help.
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TOA WH-4000A Aerobic Headset
£ 73.20
(-20.00%) £ 58.56
Chord UP2 Portable UHF Wireless System
£ 118.80
(-33.50%) £ 79.00
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