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Wireless Pulpit and Lectern Solutions

Wireless Pulpit and Lectern Solutions

What are Wireless Pulpit and Lectern Solutions? 

Houses of worship are often challenging places to cable and wireless solutions are always requested but lack of solutions for lecterns and pulpits normal result in the inevitable nightmare microphone cable run needing to go in. This is fine when the microphone is in a fixed location but what about those scenarios where there's a portable lectern or reading table? And, what about those areas that it's simply impossible to get a cable to due to physical restrictions or lack of permission from heritage committees? Well there is an answer....

AudioTechnica are a leading manufacturer of microphones in the UK and they have a solution. The have a fantastic gooseneck microphone that is ideal for houses of worship and comes with a range of mounting solutions. The U857AL range also currently has a version terminated in a 4 pin connector that drops quite nicely into any of their UniPack transmitters. A little bit of work fitting the microphone to the stand and finding a good spot for the transmitter and the job's done.

Depending on your budget you could look at the new 3200 series kit or even the good old 2000 series will be a great match too. Both of these systems are available in UHF CH70 licence free bands and UHF CH38 licenced bands. The second reason that we'd opt for these in conjunction with the U857 is that there's a drop-in charging station available for both ranges! As you well know one of the worst things about radio mics is having to remember to change the batteries to make sure they're working for the service. Wireless transmitters are often left on and it's so frustrating when you realise the batteries are flat and there's none left in the safe. This 'leaving it on issue' is even more relevant to the wireless lectern or pulpit scenario as the belt pack isn't on a person and therefore more likely to be left switched on. At least with a charging dock you can simply drop it back in for a few hours and get some life back into the batteries without having to go the expense of putting new alkaline's in every week and more so doing away with the panic run down to the local shops to pick up some new batteries.

There's also a 2.4GHz option available with the superb System 10 from AudioTechnica but this system doesn't have a drop in charger solution. The boundary and XLR wireless base units can be charged via a simple USB charger so it'll still save you money on those batteries in the long run.

Feel free to give us a call if you need a wireless solution for your lectern, reading table or pulpit and we'll be happy to help. In fact, get in touch if you have any queries for systems in houses of worship!

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